Legendary History

Joe Neber the President and Owner of Contender Boats founded the company in 1984. An avid saltwater sportsman, Joe has an undeniable passion for fishing and boating, which is evident by his work in resource conservation. The Fish and Wildlife Foundation of Florida named Joe and Contender the 2016 Conservation Partner of the Year.


Evolving Perfectionism

Over 30 years, thousands of boats, and more trophy-worthy fish than we can count, we’ve arrived at one, irrefutable conclusion: we know how to build a fishing boat. Our Classic 25’ has evolved to the unrivaled power and performance of today’s tournament-proven winners, and like the hard-core fishermen, we are never satisfied. Every day our engineers continue to refine and improve the concept of the ultimate sport fishing boat. It pays to stay hungry.

High Tech Work of Art

Not unlike a fine oil painting or sculpture. Not unlike a rocket. Contender is thoughtfully designed, meticulously crafted, and most of all: born from passion. Each Contender is crafted with aerospace grade composites, meaning biaxial and triaxial cloths, structural core sandwich construction, vinylester resins, and specially formulated gel coats for high gloss, mirror-like finishes. Polyurethane foam is injected into specific areas, insulating ice for days and attenuating sound for stealthiness.

Dry Storage Stays Dry

Whether its keeping cold catch in any one of the massive below deck holds, or simply keeping a smartphone away from moisture, water can be a nuisance. Look forward to fully gasketed doors and hatches with integral drain tracks routing water out of the boat. Whether from a torrential downpour or an extra 450 gallons of livewell on deck, you can be confident in the self-bailing abilities of the boat to remove water from the deck and even keep a dry bilge.

All Hands on Deck

Unlike some mass production boat builders, we at Contender pride ourselves on keeping this experience personal. Your Contender is made for you, with you in mind. You will team with the finest craftsmen in a “hands-on” boat building process. Or not. You choose whether to customize each component of the vessel—from the hull size and power option to the electronics package, livewell rigging, down to the type of stitching on your upholstery, and more.

More than Luck

While anyone can be unexpectedly fortunate on a day out on the water, here at Contender, we’re smarter than that. We know that the boat matters, and that’s why more tournaments are won on Contender than any other boat brand. To own a Contender is to own the best sport fishing boat on the market. Period.

Creature Comforts

When the mission changes and cruising is on the agenda you can still count on your Contender to get the job done. All models are available with a plethora of comfort options to suit even the most discerning customer. From teak packages, power actuated hatches and coolers, to several forward and rear seating options your Contender will be sure to impress.

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